David Winspur

Senior Veterinary Surgeon

David Winspur
David Winspur BVSc MRCVS Senior Veterinary Surgeon

I was born and raised in Birmingham and have always had an interest in animals. I wanted to be a zoologist like Gerard Durrell or David Attenborough before changing my choice to Veterinary Surgeon when I was twelve.

I graduated from Bristol University in 1996 and started to work at Bell Brown and Bentley the same year. Initially I intended to go back to university after a year to study further. However I discovered that I enjoyed general practice and decided to continue in first opinion work.

Professionally my areas of interest are imaging including Ultrasound, Cardiology and Endocrinology.

Outside of work I love cooking for my partner and friends, and trying to stay fit to balance out the calories from the cooking. I also enjoy reading, watching films (especially science fiction and fantasy), listening to a wide variety of music and playing the cello.

My partner and I share our home with Phoebe, our sixteen year old black cat. Or to be more precise, she shares her home with us.