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Laser Therapy

Heal your pet faster and avoid excessive medication

If your pet is suffering with an injury, infection, or a painful condition you want to do anything you can to help relieve their suffering. Medication is usually the solution, but although it acts as pain relief it doesn’t speed up the recovery process.

At Bell, Brown & Bentley we understand how important your pet’s speedy recovery is, so we’ve invested in the latest laser technology from the United States. We’re proud to be one of the few veterinary practices in the UK to offer this treatment.

The Companion Laser allows us to heal your pet faster after injury or surgery, ease pain and inflammation, and even increase mobility in pets suffering with arthritis and tendonitis.

The laser works by directing its infrared light to the area being treated through a non-invasive handpiece. This light penetrates deep into the affected tissue and stimulates cells to function better and repair tissue faster. It also delivers a soothing warmth to the area; most pets seem to enjoy this as the pain relieving effect is almost instant.

Therapy times vary from between around 1 minute to 60 minutes depending on the area(s) being treated, (60 minutes if all joints are arthritic for instance) and in most cases you will notice some improvement after just one session. Usually between 3 and 8 sessions are required for the best results. For arthritic patients once an induction course is completed, top-ups may be necessary every 2 to 4 weeks.

Laser therapy can be used to treat a number of complaints such as inflammation, post-surgical wounds, joint problems, sprains and fractures, and certain skin and ear conditions. Basically, it can help with any condition where there is inflammation and pain. Your vet will inform you if your pet has a condition that is suitable for treatment.