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Have you thought about the cost of puppies and kittens?

Every single day veterinary staff are saddened to see unwanted animals handed over to pet charities. And the biggest reason young pets are given up is because they were unplanned, and/or their owner couldn’t afford them. The easiest way to prevent your pet from an unplanned pregnancy is neutering.

Neutering is a straightforward operation that removes the sexual organs from male and female animals, making it impossible for them to reproduce.

As well as cats and dogs, other animals such as ferrets and rabbits can be neutered.

Once your pet has been neutered the recovery process is quick; the majority of animals are able to go home and recover by the end of the day.

Neutering has a number of benefits, not just preventing unwanted pregnancy:

  • A neutered female will no longer come into season, invite unwanted attention, or bleed
  • Uterus infections and breast cancer in female bitches is prevented
  • Testicular cancer in male pets is prevented
  • The chances of a male pet roaming, being aggressive or urinary marking are reduced
  • Siblings will be prevented from mating

Lots of people don’t think about the time, energy and commitment puppies and kittens require. They all need to be vaccinated, treated for worms and fleas, fed, provided with toy; they also can’t be left alone for a minute. Puppies are notorious for chewing and house rabbits won’t hesitate to use your lounge as a bathroom.

Female animals can be neutered from a young age and before they have a litter.

When you have your pet neutered at any of our branches you will generally be asked to drop them off in the morning and pick them up again in the afternoon. All of our surgical clinics have warm, quiet and comfortable recovery areas where your pet can rest after surgery until you’re able to collect them.

For more information about neutering, or to book your pet in to be neutered, please do not hesitate to get in touch.