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Nurse Clinics

We have great clinics for young, old and overweight animals

At Bell, Brown and Bentley we are passionate about providing pets with the greatest day-to-day care possible. However, we can’t be there with you every day so we’d like to invite you to join one of our clinics.

Each of our clinics is designed to provide you with all the information, tips and skills you need to deliver your pet the great care they deserve. Whether you’re getting a new pet started in your home, making an old one comfortable in their later years or simply encouraging your furry friend to lose a few pounds, we want to help you do it the way we would advise.

Our clinics are each run by a nurse with a particular interest in the topic being covered. You’re guaranteed a fun, enthusiastic and beneficial experience.

Puppy socialisation parties

Puppy parties are a great opportunity for you to introduce your new companion to other baby dogs. In a safe and friendly environment your puppy will be able to interact with other humans as well as young canines. During these classes you’ll be taught how to raise a happy, confident and obedient dog.

Ageing pet clinics

As your pet ages they’re more susceptible to problems with their joints, vision, and weight; at our ageing pet clinics our nurses will thoroughly examine your pets for age related problems. They’ll also provide you with lots of tips and information to help you keep your pet comfortable and happy as they grow older.

Weight management clinics

Our weight management clinics work similarly to weight watchers meetings. Overweight animals will have their weight monitored by our nurses, who can make amendments to diet plans when necessary. It’s important to remember that overweight pets are at risk of developing more serious conditions; these clinics could therefore prove very beneficial.